Baked Magazine Writing & Editing Samples

If you know me, you know that food is my one true love. So it wasn’t a suprise when I joined Baked Magazine to combine my passion of writing and cuisine. Enjoy one of my favorite passion projects at Syracuse University.


Senior Editor

As senior editor I oversee deadlines and final edits of associate editors and writers for the front-of-book section. I attend monthly meetings and pitch ideas for headlines and deks with the Baked team along with coordinating photoshoots with student photographers for front-of-book articles.


Assistant Editor

As an assistant editor my responsibilities were to create, edit, and photograph original content focusing on connecting readers to the greater Syracuse food community while adhering to a strict posting schedule. I reported to the senior editor to edit all the front-of-book section articles.



As a blogger, I pitched and executed story ideas weekly for the Baked magazine website. This was a great outlet for me to write in my free time, while involving myself more on the Syracuse campus.